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Fri, 06 May 2016

Roadster™ first ride

With the new Harley-Davidson® Roadster due to arrive in our showroom in June, we’ve been keeping an eye on the first ride reports from the media so that we know what to expect from the newest Sportster® – does it ride as well as it looks?


And the answer seems to be an emphatic yes. From sports bike fans to custom enthusiasts and those who already own a Harley – the Roadster is ticking boxes and inducing smiles.


We particularly like the summary from Visordown, which said: “When I ride a bike I always ask myself the same questions: Do I like the look? Does it make me smile? Does the bike feed my heart and soul? Harley-Davidson’s 1200 Roadster and Low Rider S get three yeses.”


Performance was the focus for MCN and they were left impressed, reporting that “a significant chassis makeover with credible performance-orientated suspension, brakes and wheels and more, has turned it into a genuine café racer that’s been a surprising hoot to thrash around the switchbacks in the mountains north of St Tropez.”


The bike has also impressed the custom aficionados with Dutch from the BikeShed writing: “The Roadster is quite a pretty thing, with all the right sportster DNA in its refined silhouette… On a purely aesthetic level I like it a lot…From the outset I didn’t really have to think about the bike, I just got on and rode it. Everything on the bike felt very familiar and easy…the Roadster was completely fine on roads that would challenge most riders on any bike.”


With 10 UK journalists travelling to St Tropez to put the new Roadster through its paces, there are still more reports to come, but so far the verdict is good and we can’t wait to take delivery of the new bike so that we can take it for a blast ourselves.


That is, of course, if they hang around in the dealership long enough! We’re expecting high interest and demand in the Roadster, especially with the affordability offered by its €15835 OTR price tag.


Call in to find out more or to register early interest.

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