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Fri, 10 May 2013

RCS It is as easy as ABC

What is it?

Designed by Harley-Davidson® using learning from other activity sports such as snowboarding and mountaineering, the Rider Comfort System (RCS) is an integrated customisable layering system, designed as a three-part system that works together to keep the rider warm, dry and protected during a ride. Layers can be worn individually but the best results come from using it all together, as a linked integrated set, to provide the complete rider comfort system.

What’s special about it?

Each item can be used individually to suit the weather conditions, but because the system has been designed to work at its optimum when worn together, you can be sure it will do what it says it will - keep the rider comfortable at a consistent warm temperature irrespective of the weather. Seasonal ranges offer new colour combinations, whereas core items are the trademark Harley-Davidson black and orange and available all year round.


What does it consist of?


Base Layer + Mid-Layer + Outer Layer = A happy and comfortable rider in the full RCS.


What does each do and how does it work?


Base layer engagement

  • Important for moisture management, reducing the build up of sweaty areas and transferring the heat to other colder areas leading to an even warm temperature
  • Uses performance fabrics to wick moisture away from the body reducing overheating
  • Designed to fit snugly and close to the body - acts as a second skin.

Available items: RCS Layering Top



  • Having managed the heat areas, the Mid-layer helps insulate the body to retain heat by trapping air next to the base layer – this keeps the body warm which enables a rider’s energy to be used on the ride instead of staying warm
  • Designed to fit snugly for best heat management – shouldn’t gape at the waist.

Available items: RCS Vest, RCS Soft Shell Jacket. 

Outer layer

  • This is the Barrier layer which helps protect the rider from the elements and stop the cold and wet getting to attack the warm core
  • Various outer layers available – mesh, nylon and polyester – rider can choose the right option for them
  • Designed to fit over the other layers and not restrict movement.

Available items: RCS Mesh Jacket, RCS Functional Jacket, RCS Waterproof

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